On [+]: A letter to Tra

*Shhhh Tra might not know I am posting this here. Keep this a secret, would you? Email Subject: A response to the work Jul 11, 2021, 5:04 PM__________________ Dear Tra, I have found myself contemplating the performances we have done together for MPG, which we call the plays. Even though we have technically completed our…

Archive: Repeat after me (Artist Statement)

Arts Commons, Macalester College, April 2019| Durational performance and installation   Academia has given me the ability to articulate and think critically, but it has also dislocated me from my mother tongue and my roots. Using papers that I have accumulated from classes at Macalester, this installation represents a body of knowledge that engulfs the…

My writings

I have a conflicted relationship with words, as you might realize from reading some of these writings. They reveal as much as they deceive. Words, in the end, is just another way for me to get close to you — another attempt at this shared humanity.